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NWoB  Perrin & Rowe Edwardian Cross Kitchen Handle HOT ONLY Polished Nickel 
Buy: $313.81 HKD
Perrin & Rowe Rohl Edwrdn Cross Handle Polished Chrome COLD Kitchen Faucet USED
Buy: $235.36 HKD
Rohl WSG3018SS 14-5/8 x 26-1/2" Wire Sink Grid for RC3018 Sinks, Stainless Steel
Buy: $470.88 HKD
NEW Rohl ZZ95027021-APC Faceplate Escutcheon Only With Diverter Hole In Polished
$78.38 HKD
Rohl A1458XMWSAPC-2 Country Kitchen Three Leg Bridge Faucet with Metal Cross Han
Buy: $2588.89 HKD
Perrin & Rowe Rohl Side Spray Rinse Only USED Sprayer Head/Handle Polishd Chrome
Buy: $392.27 HKD
ROHL 7-1/8" Wall Mount Shower Arm - Polished Nickel - C5056.2PN
$274.51 HKD
Rohl U.5380PN U.5380 Perrin & Rowe  Hand Shower & CRADLE  & White Porcelain
$996.36 HKD
Rohl Lombardia Deck Mounted 2-Direction Diverter Rough + Trim Polished Nickel
Buy: $941.05 HKD
ROHL C-5504-TCB ( Tuscan Brass)  Shower Hea
$156.91 HKD
Rohl CU57L-APC-2 Polished Chrome Quartile 1.8 GPM Pullout Spray Kitchen Faucet
Buy: $3522.56 HKD
Rohl U.1325L-STN-2 Perrin Rowe Kitchen Traditional Column Spout Hot Water Faucet
Buy: $1098.27 HKD
Rohl Cisal Modern Deck Mount Bathroom Tub / Sink Valves Cross Handle Trim Chrome
Buy: $941.05 HKD
Rohl Cisal AC100L-STN Shower Valve Trim Ornate Metal Lever Handle Satin NEW
Buy: $353.04 HKD
Rohl C7092 Country Kitchen Nylon Braided Black Hose Only for All Sidespray Fauce
$297.73 HKD
Rohl A3420LMSTN-2 Patrizia Pull Down Spray Kitchen Faucet Satin Nickel
$6087.92 HKD
Rohl C7108/KIT Country Kitchen Replacement Cartridge
Buy: $353.04 HKD
Rohl RCA4APC "Caswell" Towel Ring
Buy: $627.55 HKD
Rohl C7674PN Country Kitchen & Bath Cross Handle Threaded Screw Cover Cap
$94.14 HKD
Rohl U.3581X-PN Perrin & Rowe Wall Mount 3 Hole Tub Faucet Cross Handles
Buy: $7680.6 HKD
Rohl C2328PN San Giovanni 8 1/2" fixed C spout faucet only polished nickle NEW
$1176.8 HKD
Rohl Country Bath Bridge Lavatory Faucet Pop-Up and Column Spout Satin Nickel
$3843.83 HKD
Rohl BA700L-PN Modern Architectural Trim Set Volume Control Polished Nickel
$1176.72 HKD
 Rohl 1095/8 - TCB Multi Function Bodyspray Tuscan Brass
Buy: $627.55 HKD
Rohl Cisal 44 06 2550 3-Port NPT InOut No Stop Pressure Balancing Valve NEW
Buy: $313.81 HKD
Rohl AC190LM-IB/TO Inca Brass Thermostatic Trim With Lever Handle NEW
$1600.14 HKD
Rohl Perrin & Rowe Edwardian Deck Mount Tub And Shower Mixer Polished Nickel
$6668.16 HKD
Rohl Perrin & Rowe Toilet Paper Holder With Swinging Arm Satin Nickel
$1372.54 HKD
Rohl 1505/12-APC 12" Ceiling Shower Arm Polished Chrome
$706.0 HKD
Rohl CIS18TCB Single Spring Loaded Toilet Paper Holder in Tuscan Brass
$1176.72 HKD
Rohl MB0190PN Michael Berman 2 GPM Single Function Shower Head - Polished Nickel
Buy: $1753.44 HKD
NWT ROHL C7089LAV Supply line tube hose  Retail $ 34.00
Buy: $200.06 HKD
Rohl Perrin & Rowe Toilet Paper Holder With Swinging Arm Satin Nickel
$1372.54 HKD
Rohl AC95X NikSSP Cisal Centerset Bathroom Faucet with Metal Cross Handles NEW
Buy: $1647.52 HKD
Rohl Bossini 7" Charleston Shower Arm in Polished Chrome 
Buy: $345.9 HKD
Rohl U.3712LS-IB-2 Georgian Inca Brass Faucet lavatory high spout plain lever
$2902.7 HKD
Rohl B2160-1TCB Cloudburst 4 3/4" Single Function Circular Rain Shower Head
Buy: $784.54 HKD
Rohl 9.28385PN Perrin and Rowe All Metal Handshower 60" Hose Polished Nickel
Buy: $776.69 HKD
Rohl ML4APC Matheson 6" inch Wall Mount Towel Ring in Polished Chrome $103.00
$392.19 HKD
BATHROOM Accessories
Buy: $706.08 HKD
Rohl Perrin and Rowe Filtering Single Hole Kitchen Faucet U.1621L-APC-2
Buy: $5099.48 HKD
ROHL U.KIT1370LS-PN-2/KIT/Rohl Perrin&Rowe Georgian Faucet With Filtration
Buy: $5687.88 HKD
Rohl A2200XMSTN "Kit" Lombardia Avanti Bath Trim Set, No Diverter, Satin Nickel
$980.67 HKD
Rohl COP6APC 6" Coverplate in Polished Chrome
Buy: $156.83 HKD
Rohl AC102LM-IB-2 Cisal Bathroom Faucet w Drain Italian Brass
$3294.97 HKD
Rohl 1505/6APC 6" Ceiling Mounted Shower Arm - Polished Chrome
Buy: $729.62 HKD
Rohl CIS8PN Cisal Single Post Toilet Paper Holder - Polished Nickel
Buy: $794.34 HKD
$141.22 HKD
Rohl R9492878STN Country Kitchen Faucet Side Lever Handle Satin Nickel
$784.46 HKD
Rohl A1011LVPN-2 Polished Nickel Vincent 3 Hole Widespread Bathroom
$1012.05 HKD
Rohl B240NHSOPN  Bossini Master-Flow Hand Shower, Polished Nickel
$893.66 HKD
Rohl country volume control trim polished chrome. Trim only
Buy: $353.04 HKD
Rohl Country Bath 1565-IB Inca Brass Swiveling Riser Shower Column w/o Diverter
$4471.46 HKD
Rohl Perrin & Rowe Deck Valve Rosette Escutcheon Polished Chrome 9.18700APC
$115.88 HKD
Rohl LS850PIB Traditional Style Deck Mount Soap Dispenser Italian Brass
$596.17 HKD
Rohl AS426 Air Activated Switch with out  Button and Control Box for Wast
Buy: $392.27 HKD
Rohl Italian Bath San Julio Widespread Lavatory In Polished Chrome Lever Handles
$2274.76 HKD
Rohl 1105/8PN Palladian Single Function Hand Shower - Polished Nickel
Buy: $729.62 HKD
Rohl 3104-0800 Diverter Sub-Assembly With Extension.
$588.4 HKD
Rohl A2208LMPN-2 Lombardia 1.2 GPM Widespread Bathroom Faucet - Polished Nickel
Buy: $4236.49 HKD
Rohl Perrin & Rowe Polished Nickle Bath Faucet Wall Valve Handles
$1303.9 HKD
Rohl Pressure Balance Rough-In Valve with Integrated Volume Control & Diverter
$1933.09 HKD
Rohl Country Bath San Julio Deck Mount Tub Filler Polished Nickel w/ Hand Shower
$5883.62 HKD
Rohl 9.28385PF Perrin and Rowe All Metal Handshower 60" Hose pewter finish new
$627.63 HKD
 Rohl C5056.2TCB 7-1/8-Inch Reach Country Bath Shower Arm Only, for the C5504
$344.8 HKD
PERRIN & ROWE Pressure Balance Trim Package  with Diverter , Metal Lever U.5325
$3844.22 HKD
Rohl Cisal 3/4" Thermostatic Temperature Control Valve - Rough ONLY HY19BO
$2157.47 HKD
Rohl Country Bath Collection Shower Trim in Polished Nickel
$1568.68 HKD
Rohl 1660 Polished Chrome Modern Wall Mounted Hand Shower Holder w/ Fixed Joint
Buy: $688.43 HKD
Rohl LS750LPN Polished Nickel De Lux Soap/Lotion Dispenser
$784.54 HKD
Rohl Satin Gold Shower Head
Buy: $3334.27 HKD
Rohl Perrin Rowe Single-Handle Kitchen Sink Faucet Side Spray Head Swivel Spout
Buy: $7060.74 HKD
Rohl U.5888APC Perrin and Rowe 4" Shower Arm <br/> Top Quality Brands | Free Shipping! | 30 Day Returns
Buy: $423.57 HKD
Buy: $784.14 HKD
Rohl CY57L-APC-2 Polished Chrome Brass Kitchen Faucet with 360&deg; Swivel Spout
Buy: $3389.19 HKD
Rohl C2503-PN Country 7" Wall Mount Tub Spout
$392.27 HKD
Brand New in Box Rohl B240NSHAPC Bossini Master-Flow Shower Head
Buy: $627.63 HKD
Rohl SOF136PN Modern Multi Function Hand Shower - Polished Nickel
Buy: $759.04 HKD
Rohl A1451LMPN-2 POT FILLERS 24.6-in L x 2.5-in W x 2.5-in H Polished Nickel
$3138.14 HKD
Rohl AC107LM-STN-2 - Cisal Low Lead Widespread Bathroom Faucet, Satin Nickel
Buy: $1570.17 HKD
ROHL CY57L-PN-2 Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet - Polished Nickel - NEW
Buy: $2894.94 HKD
Rohl Vocca Bridge Wall Mount Faucet
Buy: $2510.51 HKD
Rohl Country Kitchen Faucet Pull Out Spray and Metal Lever Handle Satin Nickel
$3059.3 HKD
Rohl U.3712LS-EG-2 English Gold Georgian Widespread Bathroom Faucet with Levers
Buy: $5272.08 HKD
Rohl Soap/ Lotion Dispenser LS850PSTN Perrin and Rowe Satin Nickel NEW
Buy: $1953.49 HKD
Rohl Modern Pressure Balance Trim Only - R2015lm-Apc - Polished Chrome R2015LMAP
Buy: $980.67 HKD
Rohl U.1307LS-ULB-2 Georgian C-Spout Hot Water Faucet with Tank Brass Complete
$2981.16 HKD
Rohl Country Bath Widespread Bathroom Faucet With Pop-Up Drain Old Iron Finish
$2745.48 HKD
$392.27 HKD
Rohl Micheal Berman Gothic Lavatory Faucet Polished Chrome
$1168.96 HKD
Rohl 1270/CENTR-APC Complete brass mounting with lever for ART 1270 Chrome
$494.26 HKD
Rohl Michael Berman Roman Bath Tub Faucet Cross Handles Polished Nickel
$3138.06 HKD
Rohl AC107X-2 Polished Nickel Cisal Widespread Bathroom Faucet with Pop-Up
Buy: $4430.66 HKD
Buy: $392.19 HKD
Rohl R7505APC-2  Lux Kitchen Faucet with Pull Out Spray
Buy: $3138.14 HKD
Rohl 1300STN Shower Merchandise Pak Country Handshower Set Satin Nickel
$5177.85 HKD
Buy: $7453.08 HKD
Rohl 16295TCB 59" Flexible Metal Hose Assembly - Tuscan Brass
Buy: $894.37 HKD
Rohl U.6995APC Polished Chrome Perrin and Rowe Soap Dispenser
Buy: $1947.61 HKD
Rohl Country Kitchen Single Lever Handle C-Spout Filter Faucet Satin Nickel
$1333.32 HKD