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vintage 1969 Timex Marlin watch
$408.25 HKD - 26 bids
vintage 1960's Mint Timex Marlin watch
$500.11 HKD - 16 bids
time military gents wrist watch
$25.41 HKD - 3 bids
Timex Expedition Indiglo Watch
$107.17 HKD - 5 bids
Timex Watch Lot With Original Box
$22.45 HKD - 2 bids
Vintage Timex Military Hand Wind Green Plastic Timex Men's Watch Taiwan
$478.56 HKD - 24 bids
Vintage 1976 Timex Viscount Date Day Auto Mechanic Men’s Watch Serviced Strap
$303.45 HKD - 1 bid
Vintage 1968 Timex Viscount Self Wind Mechanic Men’s Watch Serviced New Strap
$313.81 HKD - 2 bids
Timex Vintage Herrenarmbanduhr, um 1970
Buy: $176.42 HKD
1974 Vintage Timex Mercury Men’s Watch. Excellent Condition
$42.87 HKD - 3 bids
Vintage 1974 Timex Mercury Series Mechanic Men’s Watch Serviced New Strap
$303.45 HKD - 1 bid
vintage 1973 Timex Marlin Automatic watch
$551.14 HKD - 25 bids
Vintage 1979 Timex Viscount Date Auto Mechanic Men’s Watch Serviced New Strap
$303.45 HKD
Vintage Timex Marlin Date Mechanic Men’s Watch Serviced New Crown/ Strap
$303.45 HKD
Buy: $470.71 HKD
 Mens vintage winding Timex v- conic Mercury  WATCH GB  serviced 1966 t1 M24
$714.44 HKD
Timex TW2P71400, "Weekender" Green Nylon Watch, Chronograph, Date, Indiglo
$305.57 HKD
Timex T49962, Men's Expedition Scout Khaki Fabric Strap Watch, Date, Indiglo
$235.28 HKD
Genuine Timex Watch Strap.Replacement for T45601,T2N721 E-tide Compass Watches
Buy: $214.23 HKD
Timex TW2P97500, "Weekender" Brown Leather Watch, Chronograph, Indiglo, Date
$313.81 HKD
Timex TW4B02500, Expedition Grid Shock Chronograph Watch, Indiglo, 3 Alarms
$494.25 HKD
Genuine Timex Black Resin Watch Strap for T5K494, T5K495, T5K496 Timex Watches
Buy: $183.61 HKD
Timex TW4B09600, Unisex "Expedition Acadia" Blue Nylon Watch, Indiglo, Date
$180.2 HKD
timex vintage lcd watch atlantis 100 new battery nice shape alarm chronograph
$156.9 HKD
Timex TW4B01800, Men's "Expedition" Brown Leather Watch, Scout, Indiglo, Date
$290.67 HKD
Timex T2N746, Unisex Weekender Striped Fabric Watch, Indiglo
$211.43 HKD
Timex TW5M22500, Tactic DGTL Black Resin Watch, Indiglo, Day/Date, Alarm
$274.58 HKD
Genuine Timex Silicone Watch Strap for Mens T45581, T2N720 E-tide Watch - 16mm
Buy: $214.23 HKD
Vintage Rare Beautiful Marlin 23570 2571 Timex Men's Watch New IW Band Repair
$392.18 HKD
Timex TW4B03500, Men's "Expedition" Slip-Thru Black Nylon Watch, Indiglo, Date
$290.67 HKD
New Mens Timex Ironman Triathlon 18mm Black with White Logo Watch Band T5K412
$180.36 HKD
Timex T49961, Men's Expedition Scout Green Fabric Watch, Date, Indiglo
$290.04 HKD
Timex T5K589 Ironman Triathlon 250 Lap Sleek 26mm Yellow Tapscreen Watch Band
$211.74 HKD
Timex TW4B04300, Men's Expedition Scout Leather Chronograph Watch, Indiglo
$474.24 HKD
timex ironman triathlon mens 8 lap watch vintage 90s lcd new battery solid!
$117.68 HKD
Genuine Timex Replacement Watch Strap for T2P236 Weekender Timex Watch - 20mm
Buy: $163.2 HKD
Mens Timex T56413 T5B121 Chronograph Ironman Triathlon Black Sport Watch Band
$101.91 HKD
Timex TW4B02900, Expedition Grid Shock Chronograph Watch, Indiglo, 3 Alarms
$392.26 HKD
T2P427 Timex Men's IQ GMT BLACK Dial Brown Leather Band Indiglo Watch
Buy: $784.44 HKD
Timex Ironman Unisex Original 1986 Edition Chronograph 8 Lap Training Watch
$313.81 HKD
Genuine Timex Bracelet for IQ Series T2N738 Timex Watch -  Stainless Steel
Buy: $357.12 HKD
Timex Ironman Triathlon Indigo 8 Lap Silver Metal Band Black Rubber Nice!!!
Buy: $353.04 HKD
Timex TW4B10900, Expedition Ranger Silvertone Bracelet Watch, Indiglo, Date
$367.16 HKD
Timex T2N700 Intelligent Quartz™ Chronograph Wristwatch
Buy: $612.27 HKD
Vintage (1974) Timex Military Style Black Dial Gents Wrist Watch
$316.39 HKD - 4 bids
Genuine Timex Brown Leather Watch Strap for IQ series T2P287, T2N725 and T49818
Buy: $214.23 HKD
Timex T5K198, "Ironman Triathlon" 30-Lap Nylon Watch, Shock, Indiglo, Alarm
$341.66 HKD
Timex T5K412, Men's "Ironman" Resin 30-Lap Watch, Alarm, Chronograph, Indiglo
$280.47 HKD
Snoopy Timex Vintage Watch GWO
$101.96 HKD
$972.81 HKD
New Men's Timex Expedition Metal Field Watch
$266.35 HKD
Vintage Cub Scouts Timex Mechanical Wind Up Wrist Watch with Date Window WORKS
Buy: $392.18 HKD
Timex Rare Vintage manual wind Mens watch
$133.37 HKD
Timex TW2R10200, Unisex "Weekender" Striped Nylon Slip- Thru Watch, Indiglo
$172.6 HKD
Timex Humvee Military Silver Watch - 1990s
Buy: $561.05 HKD
 Mens vintage winding Timex Mercury v-conic date WATCH GB  serviced 1966 N1 M25
$765.47 HKD
Timex TW2R42800, "Weekender" Black Leather Watch, Chronograph, Indiglo, Date
$418.15 HKD
Timex Submariner Pepsi Style Rare Men’s Indiglo Watch SS Band-Please Read
$282.04 HKD
Vintage (1969) Timex Marlin Chrome Plated Gents Wrist Watch
$224.54 HKD - 3 bids
Timex Crystal Bloom Collection Genuine Swarovski Crystals White Strap w/flowers
Buy: $156.9 HKD
 (2) Vintage Timex mechanical Wind Watches
$234.96 HKD
Timex T45181, Men's Expedition Combo Brown Watch, Indiglo, Chronograph
$278.51 HKD
Timex Ironman Triathlon 8-Lap Digital Watch T5K841
Buy: $470.64 HKD
Timex T49851, Men's "Expedition Vibrating Alarm" Indiglo Watch, Chronograph
$280.47 HKD
Timex TW2R62400, Unisex Easy Reader Black Leather Watch, Indiglo, Date
$219.67 HKD
Men's Timex Military Style Quartz Watch-Working-New Battery Preowned
$196.05 HKD
Vintage 1966 TIMEX Marlin, champagne dial, lumed hands.
$753.14 HKD - 11 bids
Timex TW4B14600 Men's Expedition Gallatin Solar Leather Band Blue Dial Watch
$392.03 HKD
Timex T2P135, Men's Black Dress Expansion Watch, Indiglo, Date
$316.16 HKD
Vintage Timex Hotline 100 Calculator Watch
$509.94 HKD
Unisex Timex T5J041 Digital Fitness Heart Rate Monitor 27 Lap Gray Watch Band
$117.6 HKD
New Mens Timex T5K220 Ironman Triathlon 50 Lap 20mm Orange Sport Watch Band
$101.6 HKD
Timex TW2R64300, Men's Black Leather Watch, Day/Date, MOD44
$305.96 HKD
Timex Men's T2p224 Black Dial 100m WR Nylon Band Indiglo Watch
Buy: $470.64 HKD
Timex T49940, Men's "Expedition Uplander" Black Resin Watch, Indiglo, Date
$231.43 HKD
Timex Replacement Leather Strap for T46681 or T49828 Expedition Timex Watches
Buy: $193.82 HKD
Timex Ironman triathlon Flix 18mm Watch band fit T66801, T51931
$117.29 HKD
$336.81 HKD - 10 bids
Timex TW4B04700, Men's "Expedition" Green Nylon Watch, Scout, Indiglo, Date
$305.96 HKD
Timex Ironman Personal Trainer Heart Rate Watch   -(d
$148.67 HKD
Vintage Timex 1958 Peanuts Snoopy Playing Tennis Yellow Wristwatch Wind-Up Works
Buy: $352.64 HKD
Timex TW2P73000, Intelligent Quartz Silvertone Bracelet Watch, Chronograph,Timer
$619.77 HKD
Timex T78582, Men's Digital X-Long Silvertone Expansion Band Watch, Indiglo
$229.47 HKD
Vintage Timex Lithium Quartz Digital Watch Alarm Chrono SS Band Works GUC
$204.37 HKD
Timex TW2P87500, Men's Taft Street Black Silicone Watch, Multi-Function
$258.89 HKD
$1098.33 HKD
Vintage Timex Watch Automatic w/ Date
$156.83 HKD
Timex T42571, Men's "Expedition Camper" Black/Green Nylon Watch, Date, Indiglo
$229.47 HKD
Vintage Timex Snoopy Watch
$336.81 HKD - 18 bids
Mens Timex T5K423 Marathon 50M Black Water Resistant Sport 6/20/26mm Watch Band
$94.06 HKD
TW2P83300 Originals University Watch
$296.59 HKD
Timex TW2R42400, Unisex Weekender Brown Leather Strap Watch, Indiglo, 40MM
$290.67 HKD
Empty Vintage Timex Black Sportster Wrist Watch Box
$133.29 HKD
Vintage Timex Water Resistant Gold Silver Tone Running Watch Date
$125.45 HKD
Vintage 70's Timex Electric Mens Watch Model 220 Working
$203.9 HKD
$698.23 HKD
Beautiful Vintage Men's 1966 Silver Tone Timex Marlin Watch, Code# 20142166 Runs
$500.05 HKD
Timex TW2R22700, Men's Easy Reader, Brown Leather Watch
$197.31 HKD
Timex TW2P91100,  Fairfield Weekender Striped Fabric Slip-Thru Watch, Indiglo
$195.74 HKD
New in Box - Timex Corporation Mens Intelligent Quartz Yacht Racer
Buy: $1098.25 HKD