AZDENT Dental Orthodontic Niti Arch Wire Super Elastic Natural Nature Form Round
Buy: $1156.89 HKD
UNI-T UTi260B Industrial Infrared Thermal Imager Temperature Imaging Camera New✦
Buy: $2280.93 HKD
100pcs AZDENT Dental Diamond Burs For High Speed Handpiece Friction Grip 1.6mm
Buy: $138.90 HKD
100pcs Dental Super Coarse Diamond FG Burs for High Speed Handpiece AZDENT
Buy: $137.57 HKD
Shelly 2.5 Wireless WiFi utilizzabile Alexa Google Home Siri domotica tapparelle
Buy: $208.57 HKD
Condensateur Electrolytique - Choix : 0,1uF à 4700uF - 6,3 V à 50 V
Buy: $16.17 HKD
Déchargeur de condensateur CP0079 CYROB
Buy: $51.08 HKD
AZDENT 5000Pcs Dental Orthodontic Elastics Braces Rubber Bands 3.5/5.0/6.5OZ
Buy: $53.54 HKD
Bouton Poussoir Interrupteur 12 mm Rond - Momentané ou Permanent 12V 24V 230V 2A
Buy: $23.75 HKD
3mm LEDs rund diffus alle Farben inkl. Widerstände Leuchtdioden LED 3 mm
Buy: $25.54 HKD
Dental Rubber Dam Cord Clamp Sheet Plier Template Foldable Carbon Fiber SS Frame
Buy: $51.42 HKD
D20-D60 Super Strong Magnet Fishing Magnet Salvage Magnets Pot Magnets With Hook
Buy: $48.76 HKD
AZDENT Dental Orthodontic Lingual Buttons Bondable Round Mesh Base
Buy: $42.72 HKD
Ultrasonic Cleaner Jewelry Watch Glasses Coin Cleaning Machine
Buy: $95.34 HKD
AZDENT Dental Orthodontic Buccal Tubes 1st 2nd Molar Tube Roth MBT 022 Bondable
Buy: $152.30 HKD
Sis CAT 2.0 New 2023, FOREVER
Buy: $313.46 HKD
Multimètre Numérique Voltmètre Testeur Electrique écran LCD XL830L 600v
Buy: $101.31 HKD
50X Dental Metal Matrices Sectional Contoured Matrix Refill soft band S/M/L[USA]
Buy: $73.84 HKD
1 Bag Dental Orthodontic Ligature Ties Elastic Rubber Bands 45 Colors 1040 Pcs
Buy: $22.65 HKD
15 Sizes Dental Orthodontic Rubber Bands Elastics Latex Braces 3.5 /5.0 /6.5 oz
Buy: $19.28 HKD
NSK Style Dental Low Speed Straight/Air Motor/Contra Angle Handpiece 2/4 Holes
Buy: $155.12 HKD
Dental Absorbent Paper Points Gutta Percha Points Eododontic 15-80# EODO Root
Buy: $18.26 HKD
Dental lab Tungsten Steel Burs Low Speed RA1-8 22.5mm low speed Handpiece
Buy: $38.50 HKD
100Size AZDENT Dental Diamond Burs F High Speed Handpiece Friction Grip 5Pc/Box
Buy: $7.76 HKD
Dental Fiber Optic LED Handpiece High Speed / LED Quick Coupler 4/6H KAVO Style
Buy: $85.44 HKD
CLOUGH42 Electronic Leadscrew (ELS) Combo Interface and Control Panel Kit
Buy: $352.58 HKD
Dental Ultrasonic Piezo Scaler Tips fit EMS Woodpecker & DTE SATELEC
Buy: $13.25 HKD
O Ring O-Ring Innen Ø 2 - 30 mm x Schnurstärke 1,5 mm NBR 70 Dichtring 0 Ring
Buy: $19.15 HKD
Dental Bur Composite Polishing Kit RA HP For Low-Speed Handpiece Contra Angle
Buy: $3724.24 HKD
M2 M2.5 M3 M4 M5 M6 M8 M10 M12 Black Steel Nylon Insert Lock Nut Hex Nylock Nuts
Buy: $858.79 HKD
Dosimeter DBG-06T Metal 4хSBM-20 Counters Military Radiometer Radiation Detector
Buy: $1567.63 HKD
High Purity Graphite round rod Bar Graphite Electrode High Temperature Resistant
Buy: $2118.83 HKD
10 Packs AZDENT Dental Orthodontic Bracket Braces Mini Roth 022 Hooks 3-4-5
Buy: $190.40 HKD
AZDENT Dental Orthodontic Arch Wire Heat Thermal Activated /Niti/Stainless Steel
Buy: $7.76 HKD
Buy: $69.38 HKD
Dental Universal Implant Prosthetic Kit Torque Wrench Screw Drivers Remover +Box
Buy: $776.01 HKD
1pc Ti Titanium Torx Head Flange Bolt M6 M8 M10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 55 60mm
Buy: $33.24 HKD
 AZDENT Dental Surgical Tungsten Carbide Burs Endo Bur For High Speed Handpiece
Buy: $70.47 HKD
Watch/Compass Radium Ra-226 Radioisotope Ionizing Radiation Dosimeter Radiometer
Buy: $627.00 HKD
M1.4 to M1.7 Stainless Steel Round Head Pan Head Self-tapping Screws10-10000PCS
Buy: $940.70 HKD
Mild Steel Precision Round Tube Pipe Many sizes lengths Metal Bar Rod Strip 1
Buy: $586.82 HKD
Dental Matrix Bands Palodent V3 Style Sectional Contoured Matrices Wedge Refill
Buy: $54.63 HKD
Dental Cheek Mouth Opener Orthodontic Lip Retractor Expander Photography All
Buy: $19.20 HKD
Tokuyama Palfique LX5 Resin Based Dental Composite 3.8gm
Buy: $265.73 HKD
Lot de 5 Resistances 1/2W 0,5w 1% Métal - Valeur de 1 Ohm à 1M Ohms au choix
Buy: $16.17 HKD
Led 3mm 12V Pré Cablé Haute Luminosité - Au choix : 8 couleurs, Lot 5 à 20 leds
Buy: $16.09 HKD
AZDENT Dental Absorbent Paper Points Gutta Percha Points Eododontic EODO Root
Buy: $20.07 HKD
AZDENT Dental Ortho Ligature Ties Elastic Rubber Bands 1000Pcs/Bag 23 Colours
Buy: $28.14 HKD
Japan ALPS RK27 Volume Log Potentiometer Dual A10K A20K A50K A100K A250K A500k
Buy: $77.20 HKD
100 Pcs Purple Dental Micro Brush Disposable Materials Tooth Applicators 1.5mm
Buy: $20.07 HKD
Wide Field Eyepiece for Biological Microscope WF5X 10X 12.5X 15X 16X 20X 30X
Buy: $58.01 HKD
Single or Double Pole Toggle Flick Switch 15A 250VAC - SPST SPDT DPST DPDT
Buy: $376.25 HKD
Dental Pana-Max Style High-Speed Handpiece Air Turbine 2/4 Holes Push Button
Buy: $104.17 HKD
100W 0.1-1000Ω Ohm Shell Power Aluminum Housed Case Watt Wirewound Resistor
Buy: $17.56 HKD
Gaine Thermorétractable - Noir - 2:1 - Diamétre au choix : 1 mm à 100 mm
Buy: $22.05 HKD
Dental Endodontic Root Canal Hand Use K-Files 25mm/21mm Stainless Steel 6pcs/box
Buy: $7.76 HKD
10 Pcs Dental Orthodontic Arch Wire Rectangular Niti Super Elastic Natural Form
Buy: $15.29 HKD
Resistance couche carbone 1/4W 5% 2.2R 2.2ohm 2,2 ohm
Buy: $17.88 HKD
Leds CMS SMD 1206 - Choix 9 couleurs - 10 à 100 leds
Buy: $19.49 HKD
Buy: $3136.16 HKD
Dental Fiber Post Quartz Glass Screw Thread Straight 1.0mm 1.2mm 1.4mm 1.6mm 1.8
Buy: $5643.74 HKD
NSK Style Dental 1:1 Slow Low Speed Handpiece Push Button Contra Angle
Buy: $155.12 HKD
5 Pcs/Pack Dental RA Round Carbide Bur For Slow Speed Latch Type RA 1#-8# Choose
Buy: $49.77 HKD
Dental Articulating Paper Blue/Red Double Sided Teeth Care Strips 300 Sheets
Buy: $29.71 HKD
Led 3mm Haute Luminosité, 9 couleurs au choix (mélange possible), Prix dégressif
Buy: $55.25 HKD
AZDENT Dental Tungsten Steel Tungsten Carbide FG Burs Hight Speed Handpiece
Buy: $57.13 HKD
50Pcs Dental Matrix Bands Palodent V3 Style Sectional Contoured Matrices
Buy: $108.01 HKD
Dental teeth Polisher Prophy Handpiece Air flow Polishing Jet 2/4 hole Hygiene
Buy: $168.53 HKD
Pannes Fer à Souder  Parkside, Lidl Pls D 48 A1 B1 C1 D2 Lux - 6Pcs
Buy: $129.40 HKD
Woodpecker Style  Dental Cordless LED Curing Light Lamp High Curing LED-B
Buy: $310.33 HKD
Ivoclar Optragate Dental 3D Cheek Retractor Mouth Opener Regular Small Adult Kid
Buy: $78.31 HKD
Dental Orthodontic Brackets MIM Monoblock Braces Mini Roth MBT 018 022 345 Hook
Buy: $15.34 HKD
3M Unitek Transbond XT Refill(Orthodontic Adhesive)Bracket Bonding 4x4g 712-036
Buy: $1156.10 HKD
1040 Pcs Ligature Tie Dental Orthodontics Ring Elastic Latex Bands 45 Colors
Buy: $19.28 HKD
Lot de 5 Resistances 1W 1% Métal - Valeur de 1 Ohm à 1M Ohms au choix
Buy: $17.88 HKD
Lot de 20 Resistances 1/4W 1% Métal - Valeur au choix (170 valeurs)
Buy: $15.32 HKD
Stylo Crayon Bic 4 Couleurs Scolaire Bureautique Collection 50 Modèle au Choix
Buy: $76.19 HKD
0,96" OLED SSD1306 I2C IIC SPI Serial 128X64 LCD Display Gelb Blau Weiß LCD
Buy: $12.68 HKD
AZDENT Dental  Super Coarse Diamond Burs Drills FG For High Speed Handpiece
Buy: $137.57 HKD
Lot de Sachets plastique fermeture pression ZIP Transparent Pochettes pochon bag
Buy: $2467.93 HKD
Micromoteur électrique lab dentaire Marathon/contre-angle droit/10*fraises Kit
Buy: $526.96 HKD
Led 5mm 12V Pré Cablé Haute Luminosité - Au choix : 8 couleurs, Lot 5 à 20 leds
Buy: $16.09 HKD
Lot de 5 Resistances 3W 1% Métal - Valeur de 1 Ohm à 1M Ohms au choix
Buy: $19.58 HKD
Strip Board Printed Circuit PCB Vero Prototyping Track (Packs of 5)
Buy: $22.77 HKD
Condensateur moteur 30µF CBB60 30uF 450V à fils câble démarrage/permanent MKSP
Buy: $102.16 HKD
Cosse Electrique Ronde à Sertir, Male / Femelle, Cable de 0.5 à 6mm²
Buy: $21.20 HKD
1 Pack Dental Orthodontics Elastic 1008 Pcs Ligature Ties For Choose 44 Colors
Buy: $21.24 HKD
Dental Orthodontic Brackets Braces MIM Monoblock Mini Roth MBT 018 022 345 Hook
Buy: $208.43 HKD
Cosse Electrique Plate à Sertir, Male / Femelle, 6.3mm, Cable de 0.5 à 6mm²
Buy: $21.20 HKD
1/5um Linear Scale Sensor 2/3/4 Axis Digital Readout DRO Display for Mill Lathe
Buy: $4981.62 HKD
10x M3-M8 12.9Grade Alloy Steel / Stainless Allen Hex Socket Cap Head Screw Bolt
Buy: $26.57 HKD
Orthodontic Mini-Screw Anchorage Self Drilling Titanium Dental Implant, israel
Buy: $744.66 HKD
Turpentine 500 ml 16,9 fl oz 100 % Natural Pure Gum Spirits of Turpentine Pine
Buy: $172.45 HKD
Dental Universal Implant Prosthetic Kit Torque Wrench Screw Drivers Remover Kit
Buy: $776.01 HKD
2/3Axis Digital Readout LCD DRO Display Encoders TTL Linear Glass Scale 4''-80''
Buy: $3025.59 HKD
Druckverschlussbeutel Verpackung ZIP Lock Verschluss Tüten Beutel Bag Zipbeutel
Buy: $263.05 HKD
Dental Disposable Plastic/Wooden/w Hole Interdental Composite Diastema Wedges
Buy: $22.26 HKD
30 Holes Dental Diamond Burs Block Holder Sterilizing Disinfection Box 6 Colors
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Brown and White Paper Bags With Handles Party and Gift Carrier / Twist Handle
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